ELgit is all about creating websites that work for our clients.  At affordable prices.  Merely having an Internet presence will definitely not add value to your business by increasing your sales.  To achieve that, people must:

  • Be aware of the existence of your website.
  • Know your website's Internet address (URL)
  • Be able to find your website when searching for your products or services when searching with Google.
  • Be able to find what they are looking for quickly once they are on your website.

All our services are aimed at achieving these for you.


Web Design

We design websites according to the principle that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.  We not only ensure that your website contains all relative information and also that your information can easily be found by visitors to your site.

During the development period of your website we consult with you constantly to ensure that the finished product is complete and satisfies your requirements.  We also advise you which options will be most beneficial to you, our client.  However, we always leave the final decision to you.


Webmaster Service

All websites need periodic maintenance.  

  • New products and services need to be added.
  • Discontinued items need to be removed.
  • When the software (in our case Joomla!) is updated, the update must be installed on your site.

Our webmaster services ensures that all this, and more, is done on time every time.  Changes to the content of your website (additions and removals) are included in this service thus saving you maintenance costs.


Google AdWords Management

Google's AdWords service is the only sure way to their first search results page.  You need to be on that first page in order to harvest the power of Internet searches, of which millions are performed each day.

We set up and manage AdWords campaigns and in doing so ensure that:

  • Your advert is listed on Google's first page.
  • Fine tune your AdWords to ensure you get the best possible results for your money.

This service includes a daily report reflecting the previous day's costs and number of clicks.


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