Who We Are, Where We Come From, What We Do


Where We Started

Our founder member started his IT career during 1979 on an Apple PC.  At that time the Internet was something not even thought of.  Creating custom applications for clients was, however, a valuable experience builder.  The need for simplicity and ease of use soon became apparent.  He soon learnt that while the programmer always knows where to find a given option on the program’s menu, the user seldom does before having used the application regularly for several weeks.

With the advent of the Internet he added web design to his skills and found that websites are no different from applications where users are concerned.  There is, however, one huge difference.  The user of a custom application can phone the programmer while a visitor to a website can not.  For this reason ELgit places ease of use and logical access to information at the very top of our list when developing websites. 

A visitor who fails to find what he or she is looking for, invariably moves to another website.  Not only do they leave, they never come back either.  The result?  Potential customers and sales lost to the opposition.  When you order a website from us, your main aim is to generate more business for you.  Therefore when we design your website, our main aim is to keep visitors on your site and off your opposition’s.


What We Do

We are a web design and website service business.  We specialise in Joomla! websites because Joomla! is the ideal content management system.  It has been in existence for 10 years and is updated regularly.  Most important is the fact that security updates are released at regular intervals.

Our services are:

  • Web design.
  • Webmaster services.
  • Google AdWords campaign management and administration.

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