Google - The Way People Find Things On The Internet

Searching for goods and services online has become a way of life.  While there are other search engines, Google is the only important one.  According to statsmonkey.com 92% of all searches performed in South Africa is done by using Google.  If you want to generate business from Internet searches, your website needs to be listed on Google's search results pages.



You Need To Be On The First Page

In order to achieve success with online marketing, you not only need to be listed on Google's search results pages, you need to be on the first page.  Few people bother to move to the second page and even fewer, if any, move to pages lower than that.



Google AdWords - The Only Sure Way To Get Onto The First Page

There is only one way to ensure that your website is listed on Google's first page, subscribe to Google AdWords and pay Google each time your ad is clicked. Ads are displayed at the top of each search page and also in a column at the right side of the page.  These are marked Ad at the top and Ads on the side panel.  When someone clicks an ad, they are redirected to the website to which the ad is linked.  In order to use AdWords, you need to have a website.



How It Works

AdWords are paid advertisements displayed on Google's search results pages.  You pay for each click on your ad.  To have your ad displayed, you need to have an AdWords account with Google.  Once the account is set up, ads must be created.  These ads are keyword driven and an ad is displayed when someone searches for one of the keywords or search terms linked to the ad.



What Does It Cost?

There is no fixed cost for AdWords because Google allows you to determine your own costs.  A two-tier bid system is used.  This system works like this:

  • You determine a daily maximum amount you are prepared to spend.
  • Then you bid an amount you are prepared to pay for each click on your ad.
  • Your bid amount cannot be more than your daily maximum.
  • The amount you pay for a click will not necessarily be the amount you actually bid, but only 1c more than the bid immediately below yours.
  • Where your ad is displayed depends on how much you bid in relation to other AdWords subscribers bidding for the same search terms.  The highest bid is displayed in the top position followed by the bid immediately below.
  • A limited number of ads are displayed per page.
  • If your bid is lower than the lowest first page bid, it is moved to the second page.
  • Once your daily maximum is reached, your ads stop showing until the following day.

ELgit AdWords Management Service

Our main aim is to get you as many clicks as possible for the least money.  When you first contact us for AdWords management, we check what you can expect your cost per click to be.  This is what we do for you when we administer your AdWords:

  • Advise you which options are best for your situation.
  • Create an AdWords account.
  • Set up your AdWords campaign.
  • Create the ads you require.
  • Enter the keywords and search terms which will trigger your ads in consultation with you.
  • Set the target area for your ads.
  • Send you a report reflecting your available balance and the previous day's clicks and cost each morning.
  • Monitor the performance of your ads, keywords and search terms.
  • Make adjustments to your bid amounts as and when required.
  • Edit your ad's keywords and search terms as and when necessary.

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