Complete Information Before We Start

When you contact us for a new website, we give you ALL the relevant information beforehand.  

No hidden costs, no false expectations and no disagreements afterwards.  

To eliminate later dissatisfaction and disagreements, we give you all the information in writing. 



Text Content - The Heart Of Any Website

If you insist on having a huge image slideshow at the very top of your website, we can certainly give you one.  However, you need to bear in mind that while this looks impressive, the information you really want to convey to your visitors is contained in the text on your site.  We ensure that your visitors know exactly what you offer and that can only be achieved with accurate and complete text content.  Text content need to be visible and not be hidden below huge images at the top of the page.



We Place Ease Of Navigation Top Of The List

No matter how comprehensive the information on your website is, if visitors cannot find what they are looking for quickly and easily they will merely move off to your opposition's website.

Internet users are notoriously impatient.  Most people will move off a website where they fail to find what they want after only 1 or 2 minutes.  Try this for yourself:  Visit a number of websites and take note of how many impressive looking ones you come across where you just cannot find information which you would need if you really wanted to buy something.

Remember, your opposition's websites are only a click away.  We make your site easy to navigate and in doing so keep visitors on your website and off your opposition's.




Visitors Will Always Know How To Contact You

Having people who need your services or products visit your website is fruitless unless they know how to contact you.  We ensure that your contact information is prominently displayed on every page on your website.  In addition to this, we give them different options.  These are:

  • A telephone number or numbers if you want these displayed.
  • An email link.
  • An online form linked to your email address.
  • Your street address if relevant.

If you find it necessary, we will embed a Google map showing the location of your business on your website. 




We Allow You To Make The Decisions Through Continued Consultation

Whilst developing your website, we consult with you constantly.  Before we even start, we allow you to stipulate the following:

  • Your colour preferences.
  • The menu options placed on the site.
  • Your preferred layout for the site.
  • All information you want placed on the site.

Before we place your new website live on the Internet, we let you view and proof read the site either offline or by way of a password protected online version.  Any changes you may require are then made before the site goes live.  Any possible mistakes (yes, they do happen) are also corrected at this stage.  Only once you are satisfied, do we place your website live on the Internet where it is visible to the world.


Contact Us For A New Website

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