Joomla! Websites Only

Our webmaster service is only available for websites which were created using the Joomla! content management system.  If you already have a website and are not sure whether it  was created with Joomla! contact us and we will check and advise you.


Every website needs a webmaster


The Internet is riddled with hackers and viruses.  The only way to really counteract this is to have security updates which will close the loopholes through which hackers and viruses gain access your site installed as soon as these become available.  The hosting service provider we use, Imaginet, scans all websites on their servers monthly with Shone Security.  However, your site should be scanned for malware, injected spam and blacklisting by Google on a more regular basis.


Know How And Where Your Website Is Performing

Knowing how many times your website is viewed as well as where the visitors to your site were coming from, is more than just useful information.  It not only gives you an indication whether your site is really working, but also informs you which geological locations you should be targeting.  Knowing which Google search terms they used to find your site also tells you what they were actually looking for.  Whenever changes are made to your website, you should get Google to crawl the site as soon as possible for the changes to take effect in Google search results.


This Is Our Webmaster Service

When you enter into a webmaster service agreement with us, a fixed monthly fee is agreed upon.  We then do the following for you:

  • Install updates and security releases as soon as these become available.
  • Scan your website with Sucuri Security for malware, injected spam and Google blacklisting status on a weekly basis.
  • Obtain an Analytics tracking code From Google and install same on your website. Monitor traffic to your site with Google Analytics to determine the number of visits, their place of origin and search terms used on a weekly basis.
  • Register your site with Google Webmaster Tools and submit a crawl request to Google each time changes are made to the site.
  • Visit your website once a week to test the functionality thereof.
  • Send you the following reports each Wednesday:
    • A Sucuri Security scan report
    • Google Analytics audience overview.
    • Summary of work and tests done on your website.

Periodic Maintenance

In order to keep your website current and all information up to date, it will need periodic maintenance.  You can include regular maintenance in your webmaster service agreement with us or have only the services listed above in the agreement.  Should you then require maintenance, we will do it for you on an ad hoc basis and you only pay for maintenance when it is done.  These payments will be over and above that of the webmaster service.


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